About me

I'm a recording/mixing engineer (24) currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In my career, I've done both studio and live audio work. I graduated Music Technology at the University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht.

Currently spending most of my time working at KABAAL in Haarlem where I work with producer/mixer Huub Reijnders (Bløf, Krezip, Blanks, Wies, Wende).

I'm touring as live sound engineer with acts like, Ruben Annink, Áslaug, Maxine, Tim Dawn, Julia Zahra. 


I've worked on multiple Sizzer projects, including commercials for Heineken, Diesel, Hunkenmoller, Discovery Channel. Over the years I've recorded and mixed various artists like Michael Prins, Ruben Hein, Tim Dawn, MAANDaniel Kist, HEBE, and more. 



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