Here a small collection of my favorite productions I've done over the last years

Ruben Hein Acoustic Album

Recorded and mixed Overtoon Livesessions full length album by Ruben Hein. Two singles in New Music Friday NL.

Guus Meeuwis - Geluk (Album)

Assistant Engineering

Gold on releaseday + no. 1 Dutch Album charts

NPO Radio 2 Topsong + Buma award + Edison nomination

Tim Dawn - Bite The Bullet (Acoustic)

Recorded and mixed this version of Tim Dawn his song Bite The Bullet.

Universal Music

Douwe Bob - The Shape I'm In (Album)

Assistant Engineering

Nominated for 2 Edison Awards, 

3 x NPO Radio 2 topsongs

Michael Prins - Days Full of Wonder

Recorded, Mixed

Lotta Sophie - Lake

Mixed, full album coming out later this year

Ruben Hein - Your Call

Recorded & Mixed full album

Recorded and mixed Overtoon Livesessions full length album by Ruben Hein. Two singles in New Music Friday NL.

Tim Dawn - Walking On A Wire


Engineered recording sessions at Blue Hotel Studio;s (Haarlem) for vocals bass and acoustic guitars, other engineering by Huub Reijnders. Produced by Huub Reijnders, Martijn Bosman and Thijs Vroegop. Written by Thijs Vroegop and Bart van Liemt. Awarded as NPO Radio 2 topsong. Check the video on a mobile device in portrait.

Áslaug - In My Head (live)

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A live session by Áslaug. All the musicians played their parts in their home studio.

Gyo Kretz - Times Like These Livesession

Recorded Mixed

Recorded and mixed a livesession for Gyo Kretz. Recorded at Blue Hotel Studio's, Haarlem. Video by Tom Hendriks Films. Mastering by Darius van Helfteren/Amsterdam Mastering.

Margriet Sjoerdsma Livesessions

Recorded Mixed Mastered

Recorded mixed and mastered livesessions for Margriet Sjoerdsma her new solo work. Recorded at Beauforthuis, at 192kHz, with 4 Schoeps MK2h's and, a Telfunken AK-47, 

Ariston Comfort Challange, Discovery Channel, Sizzer Amsterdam

Recording engineer

Recorded drums, guitars and bass for a composition in the Ariston Comfort Challenge series for Sizzer Amsterdam! Soon in a Discovery Channel documentary. Strings by Budapest Film Orchestra. Song starts at 2:30

Daniel Presents Freek Bartels + Leonie Meijer

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

Daniel Presents Thijs Pot

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

Daniel Presents LIVE, Eline Mann

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

Mixed this performance at Daniel Presents Live with guest artist Eline Mann.

Daniel Presents Pleun

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

For the 18th episode of "Daniel Presents..." we invited the winner of The Voice Of Holland 7 Pleun Bierbooms! This session was fully produced in less than half a day (including mixing!) Recording mixing mastering by me.

MAAN + DAAN Almost Is Never Enough

Mixed, Mastered

This mix was played by Giel Beelen on 3FM.

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MARIE + MEES - Blue Waves

I was recording engineer for this alternative electronic track produced by Mees van der Velde.

Daan Duijf - DELTA EP

Recorded, mixed and mastered 5 upright piano compositions by Daan Duijf.

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